How We Started

On 16th. May 2015 Cyras Co., Ltd. Japan (CEO YOSHIAKI HIRAI) announced the Hi-End audio brand Oriolus. 

Oriolus is supervised under renowned professional audio management company – Hibino Intersound Co., Ltd.
Products under Oriolus are co-engineered by Hibino Intersound Co., Ltd.’s engineering team and the hardware engineer  – RAO YOU LIANG, the mastermind behind many well received solutions and products including HDP-R10.


Achieving utmost purity in sound is Oriolus's only mission. 

Brand Operator:


Principal shareholder:


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Cyras Co., Ltd.

20th. March, 2014

Nichiei Intec Co., Ltd.

Hibino Intersound Co., Ltd.

Yoshiaki Hirai

Koji Takagawa

Osamu Ueda

5F, Nichiei-Intec No.2 BLD., 3-42-5, Taito, Taito District, Tokyo, Japan

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