Jaben Oriolus DPS-L2

Jaben Oriolus DPS-L2

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  • Description

    ESS flagship ES9038Pro Inside

    Top level of the sound quality throgh a retro style digital audio player.


    Hiby Link Supported

    Hiby Link let you use your smartphone to select the song without touch the DPS-L2.


    Limited Edition

    The total quantity of DPS-L2 is 999. Every unit has its own series number.


    The DPS-L2 is a collaboration product between Oriolus and Jaben China. It restores the original taste of cassette players and pursues a natural, balanced music style. We spared no cost and effort in restoring the button mechanics on a classic portable cassette player, just to give users the joy that the traditional operation brings.


    The ESS flagship ES9038Pro is used as the DAC, the ultra low distortion / noise OPA1612 as the low-pass filter, and high quality audiophile-grade capacitors are used, together with a true analog Alps volume pot; no compromises were made against better sound quality. A fully independent 6-way amplifier circuit is built in, 4 circuits belonging to the balanced output and 2 to the SE output; both balanced and SE capable of 200mA of output current, for that ultimate, endless dynamic power to your music.


    Extra features abound: native DSD decoding, HiByLink, two-way Bluetooth transmission, two-way USB transmission, HOTLINE reception, etc. Also includes not one but two 3.5mm headphone jacks, for easily sharing the good tunes with your friends.

  • Tech Specs

    Product ID DPS-L2
    Color Metal Blue & Silver
    Body Material Aluminum
    Display 2.4 inch IPS screen
    DAC ES9038 pro
    Sample Rates Supported Up to 32Bit/384kHz, DSD256
    Frequency Response 17Hz 20kHz +/-0.1dB
    OPAMP ID OPA1612
    THD 0.0015%






    Supported Audio Formats


    Battery Capacity 3.7v 5000 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery 
    Output Type 3.5mm mini stereo phone out, 4.4mm balanced phone out
    Size 119.5 x 79.5 x 24.5 (mm), 305g
  • Read Before Order

    Since DPS-L2 is a collaboration product of Oriolus and Jaben China.

    We Oriolus Japan only support you for 1 month after the order. If you have any questions, you can email here: info@mini-audio.com