Oriolus Reborn

Oriolus Reborn

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  • Description

      A renewal product from the world famous "Oriolus 2nd Gen." has been released and named Oriolus Reborn.


      3 Balanced amateur drivers and 1 dynamic driver make the dynamic range likes the live stage has. PW audio the No.5 JP ver. cord is one of the amazing hand made work for improving the sound of Oriolus Reborn to a new level.


      The PW audio No.5 cable has been changed to a special version. Still made by the high quality 7n OCC that is often used in many Hi-end audio products. But the 2pin sockets are changed by a higher quality gold plating material so that the sound quality is improved.


    Rhodium plating 3.5mm mini stereo plug is used after we were told that it can improve the infomation of sound and make the treble brighter by our enthusiastic fans. (4.4mm TRRRS & 2.5mm TRRS plug are gold plated.)

  • Tech Specs

    Driver Type (per ch.):

        Balanced Armature x 3

        Dynamic x 1



        114 dB/mW


    Frequency Response:







        Special made PW audio The No.5 (7N OCC) JP ver. 1.2m

        Plug rhodium plating for 3.5mm mini stereo plug. 

        (4.4mm TRRRS & 2.5mm TRRS plug are gold plated.)


    Plug Type:

        3.5mm mini stereo / 4.4mm TRRRS / 2.5mm TRRS



        foam eartips M size

        silicon eartips S/M/L size

        aluminium case

        soft case