Percivali JP Balanced

Percivali JP Balanced

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  • Description

    New Generation of ElectrostaticTweeter Inside

    The latest technology now is coming to Oriolus. 2 electrostatic tweeters, 2 BA and 1 dynamic driver makes Percivali JP really good.


    Order Made Pure Silver Grade Balanced Cable

    We discussed with PW audio to made a total new cable for this wonderful earphone and they gave us this high grade silver for the excellent sound quality. The 3.5mm independent shielding cable make it sound better in the soundstage and more details.


    Hand Made Case From Japan Collaborate With Vannuys

    First time for Oriolus to collaborate with Vannuys for its gread quality which is really made in Tokushima, Japan. 2 ways for opening make the case very useful.

  • Tech Specs

    Product ID Percivali JP Balanced
    Body Material Photopolymer
    Transducer Type Electrostatic Driver*2
    BA Drivers*2
    Dynamic Drivers*1
    Sensitivity 113dB/mW
    Freq. Response 10Hz〜40kHz
    Impedance 18Ω
    Cord High Grade silver (PWaudio)
    Plug Type 4.4mm Balanced + 3.5mm GND
    Accessories Silicone Eartips(S M L 2-flange-M)
    Foam Eartips(S M)
    cord clip
    cleaning tool
    protect case (Vannuys)
    round twintube (Vannuys)
  • How to use the 4.4mm+3.5mmGND plug

    The cable is a 4 conductors and 4 independent shielding cable.

    It is 5 pin setting,and there are L+,L-,R+,R-,G in the cable.

    The G(ground) pin is only for shielding which is independent.

    Independent shielding cable make it sound better in the soundstage and more details.


    If you are using a Sony 4.4mm jack inside player.

    Please plugin it with the follow steps for its automatic balanced mode switching system:

    1. Put the 3.5mmGND plug into Sony's 3.5mm earphone jack.
    2. Put the 4.4mm balanced plug into Sony's 4.4mm balanced earphone Jack.
    3. Check if the balaned mode is ON on the screen of Sony's player.