Traillii JP

Traillii JP

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  • Description

    Optimal, Unprecedented, High-Fidelity

    New Generation Electrostatic In-Ear Earphones With 12 Drivers Each Channel.


      The Traillii JP is the flagship in-ear earphone from Oriolus. It has a 3-way design equipped with 4 latest-gen Sonion electrostatic drivers and 8 balanced armature 3-way drivers.


      With 10 years of tuning experience from leading Japanese manufacturers, the Traillii JP is designed to deliver invincible, superb sound quality and performance, regardless of material costs. Upon Oriolus’ uncompromised standard, the Traillii JP is characterized by the ultimate and balance performance in the treble, midrange, and bass, a smooth and natural voice, and extremely high resolution, with a wide sound field, high density, and rich detail as heard in over-ear headphones.

  • Read Before Order

    We just stock the default type of Traillii JP.

    Customize your Traillii by selecting a faceplate and shell from the options. 

    A customized Traillii will take around an additional 1.5 to 2 months.

  • Tech Specs

    Product ID Traillii JP
    Body Material Photopolymer
    Transducer Type
    (per CH)
    Electrostatic Driver*4
    BA Drivers*8
    Sensitivity 112dB/mW
    Freq. Response 20Hz〜40kHz
    Impedance 21Ω
    Cord Pure Audio Grade Copper (PWaudio)
    Plug Type 4.4mm Balanced
    Accessories Silicone Eartips(S M L 2-flange-M)
    Foam Eartips(S M)
    Leather protect case (Vannuys)
    round twintube (Vannuys)